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Litinus Group develops, owns and manages a selection of commercial spaces in the  business, retail and entertainment sectors.

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The former South Palace of Kiev on Volodymyrska 4 street

The building built on the ruins on the Kiev South Palace, has been transformed into a business centre offering various brands a working spaces to expand and nurture their businesses.

Due to the fast paced environment of real estate we have incorporated the concept of a commercial centre on the ground floor, which is of mixed use including two restaurants , a bank and cafes.

We provide luxurious offices built to your needs with views of Kiev.


  • 7 floors of luxurious offices with stunning views
  • Mixed use ground floor (restaurants, banks etc)
  • 7000m2 of rental spaces


Utilising selected properties for the purposes of tourism, Litinus Group gives you an opportunity to escape from your daily routine, proposing unique experiences of revitalization.

Current offers


A magnificent mansion located in one of the most tranquil locations of the city of Rethymnon.

The house is dedicated to the Litinus Family, an aristocratic and prestigious family of Crete. Being ancestors of Alexius the First, a Byzantine Emperor, they were placed in Crete in the 11 th Century aiming to revive and develop the Cretan culture.


  • 5 ensuite bedrooms
  • Sleeps 12 people
  • 93m2 swimming pool, hot hydromassage tub and sauna


We keep researching the market and looking for opportunities for further expansion and developments. Below you’ll find our live projects.

Under development


This 5+ star hotel in Rethymnon, Creta, offers high-end suite only accommodation.

Luxury redefined. The property is located on its own beach and includes a marina bay.

The provided architectural solution is of very high standard and a planning permit has already been issued.

The land is located just 12km from the city of Rethymno, 70km from the Heraklion airport.


  • 51 luxury suites
  • Sleeps 189 people
  • 54 swimming pools (51 private)
  • Beachfront
Under development


The epitomy of wellness. This wonderful wellness centre is situated on a hill and is surrounded by olive trees.

The project is split in 3 phases, villas, a spa & health facilities and an organic farm with local produce.

All-inclusive. This luxurious establishment will immerse guests into a world of wellness, activity and relaxation.

Under development


Located on the foothill of mountain Parnitha, in the northern suburbs of Athens. This amazing villa is surrounded by a pine forest.

Tatoi, was the summer estate of the former Greek Royal Family and birthplace of King George II of Greece. The ancient and current name is Dekelea.

The breathtaking views and vibrant nature will prove paradise can be found on earth, whilst the modern architecture of this estate luminously integrates with the tranquil nature of the surrounding environment.


  • 2000m2 of total internal area
  • Sleeps 22 people
  • 10000m2 of surrounding land
Under development


The land, located in one of the best parts of southern Crete, Agios Pavlos, features stunning views over the sea.

A legendary myth, a legendary location, a legendary experience.

Icarus may have flown to close to the sun but we are here to allow you to fly even higher.


  • 32 luxury suites
  • Sleeps 128 people
  • 33 swimming pools (32 private)
  • Private Beach
Under development


On a 4 hectar piece of land next to the forest.

Only a 20 minute drive from the airport of Boryspil we currently have 32 luxurious villas under construction.

The concept of this project is minimalism, utilising local materials of the highest quality to achieve homes which are super luxe.

The amenities will include private pool per villa, sauna, and jacuzzi for a weekend getaway.

The ultimate out of the city break.

Under development


On a 10 hectar piece of land between two river canals.

Only a 30 minute drive from the center of Kyiv we currently have 104 villas under construction.


Under development


This apartment complex is in a prime location in the city of Rethymno featuring sea views.

The purpose of this development is to offer is easy access and convenience to guests.

All the apartments feature large balconies and verandas as well as a roof terrace with pergola.

In total, three 3-bedroom apartments and two 1-bedroom apartments are getting built. For both properties, planning permissions have been obtained.