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It's not everyday that someone offers you gold!

Creta D’oro is our trademark for organic traditional products made in Crete, Greece.

Creta D’oro offers the finest, most carefully produced Cretan products. We believe that each Creta D’oro product should be perceived as a golden treasure.

Thus, the name Creta D’oro originates from the italian word “di” which means ‘from’ and “oro” which means ‘gold’, representing both the colour and the quality of our products.

In fact, we have been awarded 15 European awards for the quality of our olives and our olive oil.

creta d'oro


The Creta D’oro brand offers a selection of premium products organically grown in the island of Crete, Greece.

The main products of the brand include olives and olive oil. Our olives are grown on organic plantations.

They are treated with the utmost respect and care without the use of pesticides or other chemical fertilizers.

Creta D’oro has been awarded 15 Prestigious European awards.

Creta D’oro also offers a variety of traditional Cretan cheeses, honey and a variety of tea from Cretan mountains.

the liquid gold


Greece has successfully positioned itself in the industry and has become the world’s third largest olive oil producer, after Spain and Italy.
More specifically, the majority of olive oil produced in Greece is extra virgin olive oil.

the liquid gold


The areas of Western Crete and Kalamata are particularly known for producing some of the best olive oil globally due to their topography and environment. The rich and mountainous landscapes of Crete produce flourishing olives that make exceptional olive oil.

Olive trees and their wide range of use have an extensive historical and cultural significance for Greece and its citizens. Ever since 3500BC, throughout the Minoan period, Cretans have been planting and harvesting olive trees.

In fact, this has been confirmed by evidence found in the archeological site of Knossos, the centre of the Minoan Civilization, where an olive mill was identified accompanied with several urns used for storage of the olive oil with a capacity of approximately 250 tons.

Even nowadays, with more than 30 million olive trees grown on the island of Crete, Greece ranks number one in olive oil consumption.

the liquid gold


Although extra virgin oil can have a variety of features and styles, there are a number of factors that distinguish premium quality olive oils. Premium olive oils have lower acidity levels.

The lower the acidity the higher the quality of the olive oil, since low acidity suggests that the oil is made up of less unwanted free fatty acids. The colour of the olive oil will depend on the variety of the olive and other environmental factors such as geographic surrounding and weather.

As an overall premium extra virgin oils are well balanced with a distinct, but not overpowering, aroma and flavour.

General characteristics of premium extra virgin olive oils:

  • Green and bright
  • Grassy in aroma
  • Slightly pungent and peppery
  • Earthy in aroma
  • Slightly bitter taste that pinches the throat suggests that the olive oil is high in healthy polyphenols (high antioxidant properties)
  • Medium to Low fluidity
the liquid gold


In Crete, farmers still harvest their olives using a manual, traditional method. After harvesting the olives, cold pressed production methods are used to ensure that the extraction of the olive oil maintains its quality.

Cold pressed olive oil indicates that the temperature during the extraction of the oil did not exceed 27 degrees Celsius.

This will help retain the healthy antioxidants that would otherwise be damaged if exposed to heat.

The pressing of the olives follows strict rules and regulations in order to provide an olive oil of exquisite quality.

oil quality


Creta D’oro Extra virgin olive oil is of exceptional quality, aroma, and taste.

The Creta D’oro olive oil is of highest quality with an acidity level maintained below 0.8%. Likewise, the content of active oxygen is no more than 20 mol per kilogram indicating the freshness of the oil.

Packed with a large amount of antioxidants and vitamin E, Creta D’oro products help to rejuvenate the body and improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails. Further , our olives are a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids and calcium, both necessary for a healthy cardiovascular system.

Most importantly, Creta D’oro olives help lower cholesterol and help stabilize blood glucose levels. Specifically, one hundred grams of Creta D’oro olives suffice for almost a quarter of the daily necessary intake of unsaturated fats – a rather impressive figure.

Our olive oil can be used for a great variety of cooking requirements and will perfectly complement any dish. It is perfect as a condiment and especially good for use in salad dressings, steamed vegetables, drizzled over meat and fish, as the base of sauces and as a bread dipper, to name a few examples.

creta d'oro


Creta D’oro offers a range of premium organic traditional products, produced on the island of Crete, Greece.

The product range of Creta D’oro includes Olive oil, a variety of traditional Cretan Cheeses, Honey, and a variety of Tea from Cretan Mountains.

All products are formed with great care and respect towards their nature in order to maintain the freshness and high quality of the good.

Our aim is to preserve all the minerals, nutrients and vitamins or in our words preserve the golden treasure we can offer our clients.

Our main products are

|  Olive Oil:  Extra virgin, Virgin oil, Olive Pomace oil

|  Cretan cheeses:  Graviera, Feta cheese and Anthotiros

|  Honey

|  Tea from Cretan mountains:  Thyme, Oregano, Mint, Sage

The delicate, soft taste of Creta D'oro products will most certainly
create a special atmosphere on every dining table.

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